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Responsibilities:Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board

The Board is saddled with the responsibility of conducting hitch free pilgrimage to the holy land of Israel and Mount Sinai in Egypt. To achieve this mission the Board undertakes the following:

  • Sale of pilgrimage Forms to intending pilgrims.
  • Publicity and enlightenment campaign for intending pilgrims in the print and electronic media.
  • Liaising with the immigration service to assist intending pilgrims in the processing of e-passport.
  • Conducting Administrative and Medical Screening for intending pilgrims.
  • Conducting inoculation exercise for intending pilgrims.
  • Conducting church service of dedication for intending pilgrims where prayers are offered for hitch free pilgrimages.
  • Ensuring successful airlifting of pilgrims to and fro Holy Land and seeing to their general welfare during the pilgrimage.


  • Board Secretary
  • Human Resource & Administration Unit (HR/A)
  • Operations Unit
  • Accounts Unit
  • Public Affairs Unit (PAU)
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Procurement Unit
  • Audit Unit